The philosophy of systemic change



  • how can change, reformation of traditional values occur?

  • what methods of reformation are possible?

  • what are the mechanisms; (past, present and future) that can effect change on our religious, cultural, intellectual, technological systems?


Section 1: direction of change


  • change comes from within an agency

  • OR

  • change comes from the outside an agency


Section 2: speed of change:

  • gradual, deliberate, regulated, incremental, long term, can be peaceful

  • OR

  • sudden, spontaneous, chaotic, immediate, short term, can be violent


Section 3: participation of change:

  • inclusive actions

  • or

  • exclusive actions


Section 4: method of change:

  • covert tactics

  • or

  • overt tactics


Section 5: range of change

  • local, isolated , incomplete, (limited)

  • OR

  • global, entire, near-complete (unlimited)


change from within:

  • the leader of Islam, the Em can be petitioned to make changes to their system

  • or

  • be deposed and replaced with a moderate, progressive reformer.


  • the pope can issue edicts, and the cardinals debate how to implement the change.

  • or

  • the pope can be voted out, or replaced when they die. a progressive reformist pope can work towards changing their system.


Change from without:

  • Civil societies can impose regulations of expression



  • the leaders of each tradition, can be a causal agent to move towards a secular or orthodox view and practice.



  • secular societies can create laws that regulate

  • the freedom of expression of offensive traditions in protected public spaces.


Historical reference:

the church of England was a historical response to reform the christian faith

create a second progressive branch that served the people of the period



any tradition can be followed or discarded by every generation or individual.

The main point is that laws and policies can be drafted to regulate the public expression of offensive traditions.



fear, bias, cultural rejection, ms-information, mass psychosis, political will


Further research:

there should be examples of existing bills, policies and federal acts that prohibit hate speech, regardless of tradition.







first draft 03/23/21 response to CA assembly ramses idea 792